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Travel guide: Asturias - Spain

Travel guide: Asturias - Spain

We just came back from our first trip with our new self converted van and we went to a place we've visited a few times before and we really love: Asturias in the north of Spain. And as promised on Instagram I give you our travel tips for the area.

Our favorite campsite

Camping Playa de Vega: It's the third time we've been to this camping and we have a few reasons why. It's a family run campsite only 400 meters walking distance from the beach. Trust me you're favorite thing to do is gonna be walking the little forest trail to the beach every morning, checking the waves and enjoying a peaceful empty beach. Cause most Spanish people only arrive at the beach after 11-12 am. 

Tip: a must eat in the restaurant of the camping are the Patatas Cabrales!

The little town of Vega

Vega is a teeny tiny Asturian village at the ocean. It's has a small grocery store and a few bars with ocean view. The route of Santiago de Compostella also passes in the village. Their are two nice walks of 45min-1h you can do here. On through the forest, where in the end you have to walk a narrow path between all the plants to get back on the beach. And the other one is a circular route to the village of Barreu. 

Picu Pienzu

The first mountain we wanted to hike was the Picu Pienzu (1161m), we drove with the car up to El Fito Scenic Balcony (400m) and started our hike there. It was very foggy all the way up, we had to look good to find the trail. We came across a lot of cows and wild horses! Even though we didn't see any of the normally beautiful views on the ocean and picos it was a very nice hike that felt a bit magical with all the fog around. Right before we had to start the last climb to the top the sky cleared for 10min and we thought we were lucky but unfortunately that was not the case. More fog came and we had to turn back cause we couldn't see anything anymore. But on a clear day it must be on awesome hike! (11,8 km - 4h)

Sup Tour Llanes

After hiking the Picu Pienzu we did a stand up paddle tour with Escuela Asturiana de Surf which was very beautiful! The water is surprisingly clear, and the coast of Asturia is so breathtaking. We even supped through caves, a really nice experience! 

Lagos de Covadonga

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the Picos de Europa, so at first I was a bit sceptic about going. We also left quite late, we arrived at the parking lot at 12.30. At the parking lot you have to buy a ticket for the bus and the bus takes you all the way up to the lakes in 40min. During summer it's not allowed to drive to the lakes yourself. There were a lot of people, really a lot but luckily the national park is very big so it didn't bother us. So don't let this hold you back for going cause WOW, it's so beautiful up there! You can do a circular route of 8km which is not to heavy, a must visit! 

Side note: we didn't do this hike with the dogs unfortunately, cause dogs have to be in the luggage storage of the busses and we didn't want to do this to them.

Playa de Guadamia

From mountains to the beaches. We wanted to do a hike with less heights to spare our legs so we drove to Playa de Guadamia and did a beautiful coastal hike from beach to beach. Playa de Guadamia to Playa de Cuevas del Mar and back (14km). They say Cuevas del Mar is one of the prettiest beaches of Asturias but we think Guadamia is more beautiful. It's a very nice trail, with beautiful landscapes and not difficult at all. 

Side note: make sure to park your car at the side of 'Bufones de Pria' and not like us on the other side, cause when it's high tide you can't cross the beach anymore :D

Hiking Picos de Europa

We had to go back to the Picos one more time before heading home. So we drove to the little town of Tielve, where a circular route starts of 14km which passes through Sotres, the highest - still populated - village of the Picos. This was one of the most beautiful hikes we've done so far. The start of this hike is quite heavy tough, the 1000m is straight up all the time but it's so worth it! You'll see fields, lot's of ferns, empty settlements, cows and mountains! After 9 km you reach Sotres where you can have a delicious lunch to regain strength. After that is 5 km downhill on a breathtaking path in a canyon between the mountains. We only saw a few other people so it was very peaceful.

Playa de Prellezo

Another one of our favourite beaches in Asturias. The first time we discovered it, was in October and there was nobody there! Now in summer that is unfortunately not the case anymore but it's still worth a visit! And in summer their is a camper parking on top of the cliff with view on the beach, imagine waking up with that view!?

So as you can read we love Asturias and we'll definitely go back to explore the region even further. It has a lot to offer with the beaches and Picos so close to eachother. 

 Pictures taken by Noémie Peeters - Property of Vagabundo

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