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Vagabundo talks: Meet Zef & Ines

Vagabundo talks: Meet Zef & Ines
Yay, the first Vagabundo talks! Every month we're going to interview inspiring people who live the Vagabundo lifestyle. In this interview you're going to meet Zef and Ines from Go Wander. They are a young Belgian couple we met on the road that also converted their own van. Definitely check out their Youtube channel where you can see a full Van tour! Zef is a talented videographer and made the first Vagabundo movie (check our Insta).
Ok let the interview begin!
Surfing or hiking?

Surfing for sure! We do like the mountains, and we really enjoy hiking in nature for sure! But our hearths simply belong to the ocean. We’re so grateful to be able to ride the waves the ocean(s) provide. Surfing brings such fulfillment in mind and body that once you fall in love with it, there’s just no way back. 

A single wave can make your day or even your week, before you know you’re driving 4 hours a day just hoping for a good session ;)


What inspired you to go full-time vanlife? 

During my (studies) in biotechnology, I also used to work a daytime job for 3 to 4 days a week. In the beginning this was all okay Study, work hard, go party in the weekends... repeat.  That’s what you’re told to do, That’s what most of us are doing, so before you know that’s exactly what you’re doing yourself. I think it was about 3 years ago, I started to really feel uncomfortable in this situation and anxiety hit me really hard.. Is this how life is supposed to be? Soon enough I will be in my 30’s, have house loan, two kids, a dog and a 9 to 5 job? NO that’s not me living my life. 

In a world where everyone is telling us what to do, it's so tempting to walk the path that is prelayed for us. Blinded by the golden pot off success at the end of the rainbow, we forget that it's the journey that's the most important.

Growing up you, learn to always look forward. What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you going to study? What are you going to do for a living?

We’re so focused on what we have to achieve... that we lose total control of our current situation. 

I realized that in order to be successful I had to stop always looking forward for something, but instead enjoy the moment.

I realized that success isn’t defined by a job title or the amount of money on your bank account, success is doing the things that make you feel alive!

Pressure is real, everyone around me was stressed out, and I decided that I did not want to live this life full of stress and pressure, I want to live my own life do the things I love.

And for me the only way to do this was to get out of this environment, become self-employed and travel the world.


What's your top 3 surfing spots that you have visited already?

Won't tell you the best spots I have been to because well.. every surfer knows. But here you have my favorite spots known by the big crowd :D

  1. Boilers (Taghazout, Morocco) Most epic session + stung by a sea urchin
  2. Saint Tugen (Bretagne France) Crystal clear, clean lines but ice cold
  3. Sagres (Tonel, Zavial, Beliche,.. ) Algarve Portugal, Been my go-to during winter, for the past few years

Also important: Oostende counts to, as it is the closest spot to home town (still 2hrs drive)

Which must-have is necessary for a life on the road?

Vacuum cleaner or a broom, because vans get messy really quick! And a CAMP STOVE super for fast easy meals like quiche, roasted veggies,..  + possibility to make French fries!

And last but not least what are your 3 favorite Vagabundo items?

- Adventure Hoodie (been wearing this thing whenever I can, super comfy, super warm!)

- Original tee

- Salt washed tee (Ines’s favorite)


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