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Vagabundo, for adventurous souls.

Short or long trips? Tent or camper? Vagabundo is a brand designed for adventurous souls who listen to their inner desire to discover the world. It’s for people who love to seek adventure by going surfing, hiking and becoming one with nature - and all of this with their loyal furry companion by their side. This is the way to go for people eager on slow travelling and a sustainable lifestyle, without sacrificing on comfort or style. 

Vagabundo, for a better future.

Here at Vagabundo sustainability and a small ecological footprint are very important. Therefore we choose to produce only two collections a year instead of non-stop collections. So we prevent overproduction and unnecessary waste.

All our Vagabundo clothing is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester with a focus on fair trade and honest wages. When it comes to packaging we try to use as little as possible. Our mailing bags are biodegradable, our labels are made from recycled paper and we only use water-based ink. By keeping all of this in mind we try to avoid overexploitation of materials and people.

Vagabundo, for the love of dogs

Noémie and Joram, the founders of Vagabundo, are crazy about their adopted dogs Roxy and Lena. With their collections they want to help out dog shelters and animal friendly initiatives worldwide by donating a percentage of their profits.

Dog Charity

For each collection we will choose a new charity to sponsor. The first charity we picked it The Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka. An animal's life is far from easy in Sri Lanka. People's awareness of animals is still very limited. Many people who own dogs in Sri Lanka are poor and can not afford vets' fees, so the major share of our treatments are done free of chargeSince the very funding the Dog Care Clinic has always had a focus on a consequent program of mass neuterings and vaccinations as the only sustainable solution for the stray problem in Sri Lanka.

The neutered and treated strays returned to their "stomping grounds" are not
simply abandoned to face a lone future back on the streets of Sri Lanka.... Since the very beginning of the project they do daily tours to the gathering places at the hours the dogs got used to - the dogs arrive at these places and are supplied with food. They feed 700 dog on the streets every single day.

Since 2007 the DCC is conducting a consequent vaccination & spayneuter program... With plus 67.000 neuterings and more than 560.000 vaccinations they manage to have a much smaller and healthier dog popoluation in there area. Sadly there are no matching programs in the adjoining areas, their resources are limited and so there's hardly a single day they won't have to find puppies from right those areas in front of thheir gate - Cause its well know, that the DCC always helps !

But by now they are - literally (!) - drowning in puppies and teens and the only solution are additional spayneuter assignments in the adjoining areas, so since August 2018 a mobile expert team under the supervision of the known Vet Dr. Chamith is conducting DCC Field Clinics on a monthly base.

On each day the well-rehearsed 8-person team (2 doctors, 3 vet assistants & 3 catchers) can additionally (!) vaccinate and castrate around 80 animals by now and every neutering today prevents the suffering of hundreds of dogs "tomorrow"!

Make sure to check their website:

So that's why we decided to choose them as our first charity to sponsor, we will also be visiting them in January ourselves.

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